Sunflower Community Policy


We highly recommend all facilitators and hirers of our spaces have public liability insurance for peace of mind regarding any potential incidents that happen at your event. You will be responsible for any damages or accidents at your event. Public liability insurance is affordable and protects you and your attendees.

Accidents & Emergencies

In the event of an accident please contact the studio manager. There is a first aid kit on site should you require it. If there is an extreme medical emergency then call 111 or 999 as appropriate.

Medicine Policy

No illegal substances are permitted in our spaces. Facilitators using natural medicines must be qualified and have public liability insurance. Cannabis prescription holders will be permitted to use their medicine. No smoking inside the premises, vaping is permitted. 


No nudity outside of the venue (public space) or when the doors are open. All genders must keep their chest covered. Nudity may be allowed in the privacy of our spaces with closed blinds and closed doors, with permission from the studio manager. 


No pressuring others into following your belief system. No insulting or belittling of others’ beliefs. No using of own beliefs to belittle someone else. 


Facilitators working with under-18s must be appropriately qualified. All persons under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Supervisory adults are responsible for ensuring respect for our spaces and following policy. 

Time & Space

Please follow the booking time frame. If an individual is unable to keep within the booking time frame this must be communicated to the studio manager. 

Please treat our spaces with respect. Be careful with flames especially lit candles. You will be expected to fully cover any damages you or your guests impose upon the space.

Problematic Behaviours

The safety of the community members is paramount to us. You will be expected to treat those around you with respect. Abuse, harassment, and bullying are not tolerated.

Safeguarding risks include sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation; negligent treatment; physical or emotional abuse; bullying or harassment; commercial exploitation; extremism and radicalisation; forced marriage; child trafficking; female genital mutilation and discrimination on any of the grounds in the Equality Act 2010.

If you experience any of the above behaviour, please report it to the safeguarding officer. Any concerns raised will be investigated promptly. Issues of concern will result in the monitoring of parties involved. Authorities will be notified if needed.

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